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  • LGBTQ+ love. Oftentimes, LGBTQ+ people who reach out to me, make a point to lead with the fact (right there in the subject line) that they are holding a same-sex wedding, and then end their inquiries with something like, “...if you are interested...” Not only am I interested—I am excited and honored to perform wedding ceremonies for all consenting adults! So, LGBTQ+ people, to you, I say: I am excited about who you are, and the love you have for your partner, and I would be the lucky one to get to work with you. (My wife, Cait, would be excited about you too.)

  • Premarital coaching. Are you and your partner looking to talk about some hard topics that you’ve been having difficulty with? Or do you want to make sure you are both beginning this next chapter securely on the same page? Whatever the case, I would be honored to witness your journey of solidifying your foundation as a unit. As a certified, co-active life coach, I am attentive, insightful, perceptive, and firm.

  • A personalized, unique ceremony you will always cherish. A handcrafted ceremony incorporating your love story, that is painstakingly created over hours of attention, detail, love, and care. Unlimited meetings, texts, and calls, so we can ensure the best ceremony possible on the best day of your life.

  • Professional, polished delivery. I am adept at achieving a gravity and levity that best reflects you. My excitement and appreciation for who you are as a couple will shine through during your ceremony, and will have your guests in awe as they experience how much they care for you, and how deep your love is for each other. After the ceremony, I will take care of processing your marriage license for you, so that once you get married, you can relax in the knowledge that all you need to focus on is your lives together!

ceremony investment

Ceremony: $800.00*
Travel Mileage from 77036: $1.00 per mile
Flight/Train/Lodging: As necessary

*Rate includes a rehearsal, and unlimited calls, texts, emails, and in-person meetings

premarital coaching investment

One-hour Session: $100.00*

*Premarital Coaching is an optional service. The number of sessions is up to you. Most couples average between three and five.



professional. personal. recognized.

As a wedding professional who has presided over more than 100 weddings, I’m honored to be recognized as a top-rated officiant in the Houston, TX area (and beyond).

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Photos: Bonnie & Lauren, Koby Brown Photography