About Jennifer

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In 2009, I told my first live story on stage, and I immediately knew I had found my passion. Since then, I have been telling true, personal stories live on stage any time I get the chance (think The Moth on NPR). Over the years, I have told hundreds of strangers about my experience as a Vietnamese American lesbian in a big family with an old school, prickly matriarch with whom it’s been difficult to get along, and how that life paved the way for the beyond-my-wildest-dreams one I have now, alongside my stunning lifelove, Cait, and our delightful son, Rafferty.

In 2010, my cousin asked me to use my storytelling skills to officiate his wedding. The experience was nerve-wracking, invigorating, fulfilling, beautiful, and amazing. A year or so later, an old friend asked me to do the same...with the same results. Once I let myself see it and believe it, I knew I was on to something. I decided to take the leap, and make a go of officiating weddings for people who didn’t know me personally, and...I’ve never looked back. As a wedding officiant, I incorporate my talent for, and love of, storytelling, by making your love story part of the ceremony. None of your guests will have ever heard your story the way I tell it, making your ceremony truly one-of-a-kind.

This carries over into my life coaching, as you tap into your authenticity to explore the many facets of who you are, so you can live your fullest, best life possible. You are writing your story every day, and it deserves to be as amazing and epic as you are. Take charge of it, and find your bliss. If not now, then when?

I absolutely love my life and what I do, and if you can’t say that for yourself, it’s time to make it true for you too. Whether you’re looking to take your wedding or life to the next level, or just wanted to take some time to engage with my authenticity through my stories, take a look around to see if we should know each other. (We probably should.)