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From classic, ballroom affairs to rustic, outdoor gatherings, I have officiated weddings all over the country for people just like you, and people nothing like you. Learning about how your relationship came to be, and ushering you and your partner into your next phase is an honor I do not take for granted. And if you choose to trust me with it, I will treat your story and ceremony with the reverence you deserve. I’ve presided over more than 100 weddings—here is a look at a few:

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Melissa & Marcel

When I first met with Melissa, Marcel was not with us because he was out of the country. I loved hearing Melissa talk about Marcel as she told me a little bit about their relationship. When we all met back up again several weeks later, the experience of being with Melissa and Marcel far exceeded any idea I had of how great they would be together. And everything about their wedding day did a perfect job of letting that love shine through.

Married May 2017 in Sugar Land, TX
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Our ceremony was absolutely beautiful, unique, special, and beyond memorable, not only for my fiance and I, but for EVERYONE who attended. [Our guests] said how much they enjoyed hearing our story from the beginning because they had always known one of us better than the other, so this gave them the opportunity to get to know us better as a couple. [Jennifer’s] storytelling is what transforms her ceremonies into something even more special!
— Melissa

Jessica & Katie

Katie and Jessica had a very clear vision of what they wanted for their ceremony, and I was honored to be a part of it. The love radiating from their friends and family was so evident on the day of. Jessica and Katie really did all they could to make those loved ones feel appreciated, and like their presence was one of the most important parts of their day. I certainly felt the love!

Married May 2011 in Vienna, VA
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[Jennifer] found a meaningful way to tell our story and guide us through the most beautiful ceremony we could have imagined. She infused our ceremony with humor and heart, and all of our guests loved her.
— Jessica
I cannot rave about Jennifer Luu enough.We had so many of our guests come up and compliment us on her ceremony. It was so personal and absolutely amazing.
— Katie


When I first spoke with Victoria on the phone, I felt like my services and I were a good match for what she was looking for, and hoped she felt the same way. We agreed to meet up in person with Charles, and our compatibility only became more clear. Being the one to marry these two Aggies in an elegant black-tie affair where I detailed their first meeting in College Station, and all that followed, was exactly as rewarding as I knew it could be during that first phone call. (Gig ‘em!)

Married June 2018 in Houston, TX
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Our wedding coordinator gave us a list of options but said, “you probably won’t need this because Jennifer is the best there is.” The whole night when I was talking to friends and family, they could not stop talking about how amazing our “storyteller” was. I cannot count the amount of people who asked how we knew Jennifer...because it seemed as if she knew us better than the majority of the guests. Of all of the choices in vendors made, Jennifer is one of the most important and BEST decisions we ever made.
— Victoria

Charlotte & Taylor

Charlotte and Taylor met when she went to go see his Smashing Pumpkins cover band play a gig. He reminded her of her all-time favorite singer, Ben Gibbard, which, needless to say, caught her attention. Being a music lover myself, I really loved learning about the huge role that music plays in Charlotte and Taylor’s relationship. From Charlotte appearing in Taylor’s band’s music video, to Taylor’s band mates serving as his groomsmen on the big day!

Married October 2015 in Houston, TX
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Caroline & Jeff

Caroline is my wife, Cait’s, best friend from high school, so I felt a lot of pressure when she and Jeff asked me to officiate their wedding! Having known Caroline for much longer than I’d known Jeff, I, personally, had very high standards for the man that would marry Caroline, and was more than ready to hold him to them. Well, I am happy to report that both Jeff and I passed muster with flying colors! He, with his love and partnership, and I, with their ceremony.

Married April 2016 in Long Island City, NY
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Jennifer’s skills as a storyteller and life coach really shine through. Our friends and family couldn’t stop gushing about how amazing Jennifer was and how they laughed and cried. They commented on just how intimate, personal, and unique the ceremony was, and that many of them wished they could have had her for their weddings! If we could get married again, we would, a million times over, and every single time, we’d have Jennifer officiate. If you want the best day of your life to be even better, choose Jennifer–she will spin pure magic and make it absolutely unforgettable.
— Caroline

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