What is life coaching, exactly?

Through life coaching, you achieve your goals, and create the life of your dreams by working with a coach trained in the art of being present, who listens to you deeply, challenges you boldly, and holds you accountable to your full potential.

What does coaching with jennifer look like?

After co-creating a space together, in which you are sure that you feel completely comfortable and safe to move forward, you begin by getting clear about who you are, and where you want to go. As your coach, I am fully present as I listen, challenge, ask you powerful questions, and hold you accountable to unleashing your extraordinary, authentic self upon the world.

To inspire and motivate change from a stationary status quo is not easy. The act of simply recognizing that a change is necessary is courageous in and of itself. When you make that first step and then decide to create change, coaching acts as the empowering witness to your journey toward richness and fulfillment. Oprah Winfrey has a life coach. There’s always progress to be made, and somewhere else to go and grow.

let’s do this

  • The journey begins with an initial two-hour discovery session.

  • From there, the coaching relationship consists of three 40-minute sessions or four 30-minute sessions a month.

  • While I am based in Houston, do not be deterred if you are not. We live in the future! I do plenty of coaching virtually, either by video chatting or telephone.

  • Rates are $100 per hour.

  • The easiest way to understand coaching is to experience it, so contact me for a complimentary session!

premarital Coaching

As a professional wedding officiant, I also offer premarital coaching to couples. You and your partner will create a safe space with me where you can talk about the hard stuff, while I, as a third party, facilitate and mediate as appropriate. In addition to love, chemistry, attraction, and all the intangibles that have brought you and your partner together, there are real, concrete skills you can hone to set yourselves up for a successful marriage.

You are worth the investment. It’s time to say “yes” to yourself.