Professionally trained to maximize your potential.

As your coach, I am not the expert on you. You are. I will not tell you what to do. I will get to know you, and then listen closely to what you tell me (and don’t tell me) to pose powerful questions to you to expand what you think is possible for yourself. (Spoiler alert: it’s more than you think.) My presence with you is strong, solid, direct, and loving. So, I will tell you when you are selling yourself short, and not showing up big for the one shot you get at life.

After graduating from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA with a degree in Psychology, I earned my Professional Co-Active Coaching® Certification through the California-based Coaches Training Institute (CTI), followed later that year by the successful completion of the intensive CTI Leader® Program. Since then, I have completed hundreds of hours of coaching with clients that have come to me desiring change around money, family, relationships, career, and finding joy and fulfillment.


The Co-Active Coaching® model is based on the tenet that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole—that you are the person most well-equipped to find your own answers to whatever challenges you face. My job as a Co-Active Coach® is to listen to you deeply, and ask you powerful questions to empower the skills and creativity you have always possessed.

If you’re curious about what my coaching can do for you, know that I am too.

Photo: Theo Civitello @ Theo-Graphics